What Does GMP-Certified Mean and Why is it so Important?

GMP-certified is a term frequently seen describing a wide variety of drugs and supplements. It stands for Good Manufacturing Practices, and generally appears with a “C” before it, standing for the word “current,” an indication of the up-to-date quality of these regulations. Good Manufacturing Practices seems to be a very general and simple term to understand. This partly because it is an umbrella regulation that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has put in place to assess the safety and efficacy of supplements and drugs.

Why This Certification is Important

The pharmaceutical quality of medicines and supplements is regulated very carefully, as it affects the lives of nearly every American. Manufacturing facilities must be designed and monitored properly, and the products they create must follow identity, strength, quality, and purity guidelines. Your drug or supplement must be what you say it is, be as strong as you claim, and not be contaminated or adulterated in any way.

It is nearly impossible to determine if a drug or supplement is safe or effective simply by looking at the pill. This is why GMPs are so necessary — they protect consumers from potentially harmful medicines and supplements that they cannot detect themselves.

What Happens if a Product Does Not Meet These Standards

If a product does not meet the GMP standard, this does not necessarily mean it is harmful. A violation of GMP regulations can occur for many reasons, and the action taken depends on the nature and severity of this violation. It’s one thing for a product to have a dangerous contaminant hidden inside, and another thing entirely for a piece of machinery that produced the product to be the source of the violation.

If a drug or supplement does not meet GMP standards the production company generally recalls the product or stops selling it to fix the problem. Sometimes this is voluntary; sometimes it is prompted by a request from the FDA. In serious cases, the FDA can file for a seizure or injunction. A seizure case would allow the confiscation of the product by law enforcement, and an injunction can order the company to correct their violations.

GMP Certified

BioThrive’s Commitent to GMP Regulations

BioThrive Sciences adheres and exceeds all GMP regulations, from supplement formulas to packaging designs. With 20 years of experience in the private label supplement business, we know how to create a product that you will be proud of.

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